Thursday, September 4, 2014


I start a blog. I abandon the blog. Repeat. This has happened at least 3 times within the last year, alone.

On several occasions, the people nearest and dearest to me have suggested that I start a blog. They inflate my ego, with implications that I have something worthwhile to say. And usually, the reason why I abandon any of the blogs is.. well reasons are - 1) What I have to say have been said before, and 2) God, I feel so vulnerable and naked, and why the hell do I keep on hoping that there will be more page views.

But, maybe there's something to feeling vulnerable and naked, and validating your own story.. Maybe. I had a xanga back in the days when the bandwagon was in full swing, and shit, did I write an assload. These days, I'm a lot more greedy with my thoughts, much like a squirrel gathering nuts for the coming winter.

Onward to the thought of the day -

They come for you
As though you were their
Piggy bank

Smash you to pieces
Hastily snatch all bills and coins
Leave you to pick up the pieces

Accept it and you will never again feel

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