Saturday, September 6, 2014


Pre-16, I was an awesome student. Everything in on time, no excuses regardless of how hard home-life was. Then something happened, and I made my own deadlines beyond any teacher-created ones. At least, I did that where I knew I could get away with it. 

Every year since, at best, I've half-assed the majority of my assignments. Paid-work assignments included. Unless something was on the line, everything was pushed until the very last minute if not done on stolen time. 

After finally finishing undergrad in 2013, 9 years after I started college - I am back in the muck that is studying. This time for the GREs, oh royal pain in my ass. Several weeks ago, I took the practice test - 150 Quant, 150 Verbal. I took it again today, 150 Quant, 155 Verbal. The test is in 3 weeks. I've been rolling around in bed, wrapped up in a cozy blanket of self-pity. 

I keep waiting for that fire to light under my ass, but perhaps it's time I stop waiting. Where is that match? 

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